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Nuts for a better health

Consumption of nuts in your daily lives is very beneficial for you. Nuts and dried fruits help us in preventing us from heart diseases, cancer and other diseases. According to the nutritionists, the proper and balanced consumption of nuts is mandatory for a good health. A handful of mixed nuts are very good for our health. You can mix different nuts and place it on your study table. While studying, you may put a handful in a bowl near you can chew those nuts while studying or doing your work. Here are a few examples of nuts which are very beneficial for your health, take a look:

  1. Walnuts: walnuts are very rich in a compound omega 3. This compound is very helpful in improving the memory and recall of a person. Use of walnuts in your diets also helps in dilating blood vessels and thus reduces heart diseases. Walnut is anti- inflammatory in nature and thus relaxes the body and circulatory system. Walnut lowers down the cholesterol levels and thus is very heart-friendly.
  2. Peanuts: peanuts are very useful nuts in anti-aging process. These legumes are rich in taste, as well as rich in resveratrol- a compound found in dark chocolate and red wine. This compound is potent antioxidant which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also slows down the aging process. Peanuts are also rich in Vitamin E and folic acid which are very important for brain health. Besides these powerful nutrients, peanuts have niacin, folate, manganese and proteins in it.
  3. Brazil nuts: these nuts are the nutritional power houses. They have high amount of selenium which is very useful to produce anti-oxidants to fight against illness. Brazil nuts have high zinc amount which helps in new skin formation. Consumption of zinc becomes very helpful especially when you have fragile skin, cuts or wounds, any skin disease or aging problem. These nuts also prevent prostate cancer.
  4. Almonds: almonds are the healthiest vegetable proteins nuts. For maintaining a healthy diet, almonds are very useful. Being one of the low- calorie nuts, almonds have the highest amount of calcium in it. Other benefits of almonds are that they are very helpful in boosting memory as well as reducing cognitive decline.
  5. Pistachios: I-arginine, the main constituent of pistachios are the main component of the lining of your arteries. They make the arteries more flexible and thus, reduce stroke and heart attack risks. They have very low amount of calories as well as moderate your digestion.

All these nuts are very useful in improving your health conditions. Even if you are diabetic, you can consume these nuts freely. If you do not like to eat them raw, you can make them as a salad dressing, crunchy crust of your desserts dressing or sideline of your table. You can also crush them and add it to milk so that you can get the healthiest and power drink. Go Greek, go nuts for nuts, baby! A healthy life is waiting for you.…